Everyone is Amazing. We're here to help you know it!

About the Hosts

We are a community awakened to Live Louder!

Melissa and Katie are two successful women who believe that everyone has an Amazing Story to tell.   We provide a platform for everyone to be able to share their story.  Wherever you are on your life journey you will find a story that connects and resonates with you.

We uncover so many hidden talents, core values and beliefs that touch on every aspect of being human and at the core, finding ourselves in all the messiness that life presents.

Katie - Amazing Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Runner, Weightlifter, Supply Chain Expert and Founder of FITKYT

Melissa - Amazing Mom of a blended family, Sister, Daughter, Swimmer, Yogi, Walker, Runner (sometimes), animal lover! and Founder of FITKYT.


Even though we are based on the opposite side of the world (Katie in St Louis & Melissa in Melbourne), both of us were at similar places personally and professionally.  We believe that it was fate (the universe doesn’t often make mistakes) when we first met in Boston in 2018 and we haven't seen each other since in person!

We both had experienced major trauma and loss at a young age.  Education and sport, was our solace enabling us to not have to deal fully with our earlier experiences. This was later replaced with working longer hours and climbing the corporate ladder.  Whilst we both have been very successful in our own right and in our corporate careers, there was still an unfulfilled yearning.  

For Katie, the unfulfilled yearning was knowing that she was not living her true life calling. A deep desire to live a life of service and to truly raise up individuals, families and communities - is what drives her.  By actively participating in everyday life with them, being present not just physically, but by sharing those little moments that are truly precious and so meaningful.  ‘’I know that living authentically is the most powerful thing I can do for myself”, says Katie. 


We believe that everybody is amazing and everything we’ve been through has prepared us for this next evolution of ourselves. Our story is one of resilience, perseverance and healing, which has led to a desire, and a need to unlock something more, within us.  When we move with intention, we see glimpses of this magic.  


We are here to help you embrace the magic, to live life in alignment, with intention and ease. Our vision is a community who is awakened to live louder as their authentic self. One where we come home, together, to celebrate living out our big dreams, small wins, and everything in between. 


We we're time-impoverished and exacerbated by society's reinforcement of our identity.


There are no winners living life in this paradigm.  Between children, partners, career, the family pet and aging parents, you are in a constant state of looking after others. As a result, you come last in your own life.  Health, wellness and your own interests are the first to fall off your to-do list. We aim to make looking after yourself easier, more rewarding and intentional, so that you remember the magic within.  

We are this person!

We are both huge advocates of radical inclusion and we are mental health warriors.